Solo Exhibitions

2018     A Bouba/Kiki Paradigm, Alice Black Gallery, London, UK
2018     ARE WE ALONE?, Platform Southwark, London, UK
2017     The Perpetuity of Ruin, Fieldworks, London, UK
2017     Forms Shaped Through TimeHolborn Circus, London, UK
             Two monumental sculptures installed for six months, supported by Arts Council England and City of London Corporation
2016     From Myth To Earth, The Koppel Project Hive, London, UK
             In collaboration with Gabriella Sonabend
2016     Wyrd Then : Weird Now, The Koppel Project, London, UK
             Featuring Tom Hatton and Joe Farley with exhibition text by Joseph Minden

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Food of War, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogotá, Colombia (June 2019)
2019 Sisyphus in Retrograde, Curated by Aindrea Emelife & Gabriella Sonabend, London UK
Sol Bailey-Barker, Evy Jokhova, Adeline De Monseignat, Nissa Nishikawa, Harrison Pearce
2019 Trap - Trauma - Transformation,
Curated by Rohan Da Costa, Cove Studio, Oakland, USA
2018 Sculpture: Modern and Contemporary, Beaux Arts, London, UK
Sol Bailey-Barker, Nick Hornby, Gareth Griffiths, Alexander Augustus, Joseph Hillier, Marilène Oliver, Tim Shaw,
Kenneth Armitage, Lynn Chadwick, Elisabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth, Paul Mount, Eduardo Paolozzi
2018    Unit 1 Gallery, Radical Residency II, London, UK
2018    ART LIMA,
Galeria Impakto, Lima, Peru
2017    Espacios concretosGaleria Impakto, Lima, Peru
            Augusto Ballardo, Sol Bailey-Barker, Gamaliel Rodriguez and Annett Zinsmeister
2017    Art Night, Fieldworks, London, UK
            Special exhibition presentation for Art Night Associate Programme, Curated by Fatos Ustek
2017    Between Night and Day, London, UK
            Sol Bailey-Barker and Mat Chivers (Curated by Kaleidoscope)
2016 Mitologia de la Tierra, Co-Curated by Sol Bailey-Barker & Gabriella Sonabend, The Koppel Project, UK
Ivan Castillo, Crista Castellanos, Maria Leguizamo, Melissa Cruz Garcia, German Arrubla, Juliana Góngora,
Omar Castañeda, Hernan Barros
2014    The National Sculpture Symposium,  Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, UK
            Sol Bailey-Barker, Katie Hayward, Patrick Hurst, Steve Hurtado, Ed Jones and Jane Phillips
2013    I Don't Mind, 3Space, London, UK
            Sol Bailey-Bailey, Ulysses Black, Annie Brooks, Kitty Dalton, Sarah Delmonte, Michel Good,
            Balint Revesz, Howard Sivills, Tasos Stamou and Anna Vauhkonen
2012    Northala, Red Earth, Ealing, UK
            Performer in piece commissioned by GLA and produced by ArtsAgenda
2011    Brighton Faculty of The Arts, Degree Show, Brighton, UK

Residencies and Awards

2019 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England
2018     Unit 1 Gallery, Radical Residency II
, London, UK
2017     Galeria Impakto Artist Residency, Lima, Peru
2017     Royal British Society of Sculptors Hex Residency, Munich, Germany
2017     The Ashurt Emerging Art Prize, Winner of The Sculpture Prize
2016    Outset Artist Residency, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016     Brian Mercer Bronze Award, Shortlisted
2016     Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England
             Funding awarded for 'From Myth To Earth' collaboration with Gabriella Sonabend
2014    Lugar a Dudas Artist Residency, Cali, Colombia
2014    National Sculpture Symposium, selected artist, Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, UK
            Supported by Royal British Society of Sculptors
2014    Portico in Arte, Artist Residency, Portico Di Romagna, Italy
2012    National Student Film Festival, shortlisted for Best Animation
2006    Farley's Yard Art Award, Winner

Performance. Talks. Events.

2019   Climate: Changing Our Culture, Restoring Our Environment, panel talk with Colin Tudge, Sol Bailey-Barker, Daniel Hudson,
Nissa Nishikawa, Will Skeaping (Extinction Rebellion) chaired by Gabriella Sonabend. Sisyphus In Retrograde exhibition programme.
2019 Hand Made Machines & Machine Made Hands, techno-shamanic performance, Sisyphus In Retrograde, London Curatorial, UK
2018   Desire & Menance, ‘A Bouba/Kiki Paradigm’
sonic-sculpture performance, Alice Black Gallery, UK
2018 Making Contact, sonic-sculpture performance, The Box, UK
2018   Are We Alone?
sonic-sculpture performance, Platform Southwark, UK
2017   Art Night 2017, Fieldworks, UK
           Artist talk, film screening of 'Wyrd Then : Weird Now'
2016   From Myth To Earth Book Launch, The Koppel Project Hive, UK
           Artist talk and launch of 'From Myth To Earth: Seeking Archetypes in Greed and Healing'
2016   Forms Shaped Through Time, Holborn Circus, UK
           Sculpture unveiling and artist talk
2016   Wyrd Then : Weird Now - an excavation, The Koppel Project, UK
           Artist Talk in conversation with Tom Hatton, Joseph Minden and Gabriella Sonabend
2015   National Sculpture Symposium Panel Discussion and Talk, The Royal British Society of Sculptors, UK
           Sol Bailey-Barker, Katie Hayward, Patrick Hurst, Steve Hurtado, Ed Jones and Jane Phillips in conversation
           with George Marsh, Julian Wild and Diane Mclean.

Bibliography. Press. Radio

2019 Sisyphus In Retrograde, Podcast Episode III, Interview with Sol Bailey Barker produced by Merlin Nova for London Curatorial
Young Turks w/Merlin Nova: X2 Equals What? ‘Divine lifting equipment’ by Sol Bailey Barker
SculptoxVox, Volume II, Blood & Wire, Artist feature
2017     Internet #1 - We Can See You Internet!, Resonance Radio featuring interview with Sol Bailey Barker
2017     Espacios Concretos Review, La Mula
2017     Ruins & relics trawled from the Thames find new life in Sol Bailey Barker's powerful show, Phoenix Magazine
Article by Aindrea Emelife
2017     How To Change The World : Sol Bailey Barker 'Between Night & Day'
Nomadic Press, review by James Thomas
2017     In conversation with Sol Bailey-Barker, AFTER NYNE, Issue 13
2016     Mythologies to Follow, Interview with Sol Bailey-Barker, POCKO, article by Håkon Lillegraven
2016     Artist Feature, Art Thou
2016     Rear Window - Colombian Art: From Myth To Earth, teleSUR
             Documentary commissioned by Tariq Ali about 'From Myth To Earth' exhibition featuring Sol Bailey-Barker
             and Gabriella Sonabend and parallel exhibition 'Mitologia de la Tierra' featuring German Arrubla, Omar
             Castaneda, Crista Castellanos, Ivan Castillo, Melissa Cruz Garcia, Maria Leguizamo and Juliana Gongora
             curated by Gabriella Sonabend and Sol Bailey-Barker
2016     From Myth To Earth exhibition review, This is Tomorrowarticle by William Davie
2016     From Myth To Earth exhibition review, Found Some Paper, article by Natalja Dembek
2016     From Myth To Earth exhibition review, The Prisma Magazine, article by Olivia Arigho-Stiles
2016     From Myth To Earth exhibition review, Culture Label
2016     FROM MYTH TO EARTH; Seeking Archetypes in Greed and Healing, Koppel Press
             Sol Bailey-Barker and Gabriella Sonabend, limited edition artist book
2016     From Myth To Earth exhibition review, What's Hot London
2016     The Interview London Magazine, Exhibition Guide
2016     Wyrd Then : Weird Now, Nomadic Press, Artist-to-artist interview
             Sol Bailey-Barker in conversation with Harriet Poznansky and Rohan DaCosta
2016     Wyrd Then : Weird Now, exhibition review, Avenir Magazine 
2016     Wyrd Then : Weird Now, exhibition review, FAD Magazine, review by Jesc Bunyard
2016     Interview with Sol Bailey-Barker, PANTA Magazine, Issue 8
2015     Art Habens in conversation with Gabriella Sonabend
             Featuring collaborations with Sol Bailey-Barker, Special Summer Edition
2014     National Sculpture Symposium, publication in association with Forum Arts

Representation and Collections

Sol Bailey-Barker is represented by Galeria Impakto, Lima, Peru
Works housed in private collections in Lima, London, Athens, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Colombia





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