3 APRIL - 14 APRIL 2018

Sol Bailey-Barker performs his sonic-sculptures for his exhibition ‘Are We Alone?’ at Platform Projects.


Sol Bailey-Barker uses repurposed and obsolete technology, sound equipment, DIY contact mics and ‘alien-megalithic’ sculptural forms to create an (extra)terrestrial sound machine. This sensory-informational web poses questions about our obsessive relationship with technology and the kinds of knowledge it can mediate. Between conspiracy theory and recorded data, ARE WE ALONE? is an introspective, extraterrestrial investigation into Bailey-Barker’s own practice, ancient tools and Cosmic noise.

In 1899 Nikola Tesla documented what was thought to be the first extraterrestrial message, discovered during his pioneering experiments with radio waves. Since then thousands of scientists and amateurs have built radio telescopes to listen to the stars.  

"The universe is information and we are stationary in it, not three dimensional and not in space or time. The information fed to us we hypostatise into the phenomenal world… The phenomenal world does not exist, it is a hypostasis of the information processed by the mind." Philip K Dick

The exhibition ARE WE ALONE? included a new film by Sol Bailey-Barker and a zine made in collaboration with Ella Fleck. Performances by Sol Bailey-Barker took place throughout the exhibition with a guest performance by artist George Finlay-Ramsay. Bailey-Barker's sonic-sculpture performance was filmed by cinematographer Jack Wells and will shortly be released.


Are We Alone? considers the development of technology that furthered human dominance over the natural environment and over other people, whilst reflecting our obsession with the possibility of life beyond Earth. The deeper we delve into the ocean and the further we are able to gaze into deep space; the more the 'As Above, So Below' of alchemy seems to ring true. The depths of the ocean, seemingly hostile are home to creatures living on the edge of deep sea volcanic vents and other such environments. These seemingly miraculous phenomenon of life thriving in hostile environments provoke us to consider the possibility of life on other planets. These planets may be home to completely alien life forms, perhaps embodied as a gas or something we cannot even imagine. Our current understanding of the universe is an accumulation of ancestral knowledge. The trial and error of our ancestors goes back millions of years as we stand upon their shoulders, each of us in the tip of a pyramid of ancestry half male and half female. Within our DNA lies the complex multiplicity of the entirety of human history.

Are We Alone? is a tapestry of found footage. The soundtrack was created by recording a performance of Sol Bailey-Barker's sonic-sculptures, layered with sound samples from archives and sonic-radiation from space.