A film by Sol Bailey Barker
25 minutes and 17 seconds

TRAILER (Contact for permission to screen full film)

The long winter draws to a close and the Wildermen awaken to perform the rituals that beckon the spring. Set between an ancient woodland and an urban wasteland, 'Wyrd Then : Weird Now' follows two parallel timelines in, which the Wildermen embody the spirits of the landscape; flickering between the untouched forest and an urban dystopia.

Bailey Barker has worked in collaboration with composer and sound artist Joe Farley to create a complex soundscape for the exhibition and film, making use of the sculptures’ sonic potential, and employing them as ritual instruments. The titles of the film are old English words referring to stages of an archetypal journey, each chapter shares a title with a sculpture.

Directed and Edited by Sol Bailey Barker
Mask and Costumes by Sol Bailey Barker
Cinematography by Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Sound by Joe Farley