1 - 8 JUNE 2017

Extract from exhibition review by The Nomadic Press.

"The work of Sol Bailey-Barker draws its breath from myths, legends and mathematics. He courts the earth with sculptures that balance like satellite dishes upon ancient cairns. His pieces evoke the stars and spectrums of deep carbon. Hollowness, balance and light fused with deep thoughtful meditations on being, change and symbol.

The great metal hoods of his pieces escape in spires of metallic smoke. The charred oak bases dropped like the cool stones from the dreams of beings that breath in alien ways. They look the way a Jurassic shark might see her own shadow beneath her as she glides through an ancient sea, reflecting the turning storybook of space in the watery warp of water above her.

There is an ineffable quality of blending in Bailey-Barker's pieces—of reckoning the edge. One can feel that the sculptures are both independent and in asymmetrical communion with one another. They resonate in tonal conversations with agendas beyond time. They are artifacts of heat, diamond pythons pouring upwards. At their best, they alchemized the sculptor’s longings into codicized sequences, beautiful flowers, whispered incantations that dance like stories of the void from mouths of dreamy shamans. Each a thistled crossbow considering nature beyond the limits of ordinary."

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