Sol Bailey-Barker MRBS (b 1987) is a British multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with sculpture, sound and performance. Informed by the development of technologies that were for millennia seen as shamanic for their transformative power upon the landscape and their influence over life and death, Bailey-Barker's practice follows this journey of body-hacking and augmentation from the ancient sacred axe to contemporary prosthetics and machinery. Working with found objects, building immersive environments which combine the constructed with the found, he explores the uncertainty of history, revisiting narratives from a parallel non-colonial perspective.

Bailey-Barker's abstract sculptures draw from symbolism and objects he studies, using materials associated with both agriculture and industry to provoke an association between the industrial born from technological development and its ancient spiritual origins. Using repurposed technology, archive recordings, obsolete analogue machines and found instruments, Bailey-Barker creates soundscapes which feed through the surfaces of his sculptures building live informational webs. The performance of his sonic-sculptures follows his enquiry into the relationship between form and sound making audible the inherent properties of varying materials and forms as well as the silent history contained in objects.